Rounding Out Motherhood 

Momasphere creates innovative events and programs for moms of all ages and stages, in and out of the workplace, while also giving back to the community. Proceeds of our events go to various charities that help women, children and families. Momasphere events empower, enrich and enlighten moms, by engaging them in stimulating and fun activities, talks and programs crafted to celebrate our individuality and address the "whole mom" (mind, body, spirit) in each of us.  Mom groups often focus on moms with children of a certain age range, but we found that moms at any stage in life have so much to share. We offer a unique forum for activities that promote personal growth, fun and networking opportunities. Momasphere also offers creative consulting, niche marketing and event planning services to businesses that want added exposure to the dynamic mom market, as well as customized, targeted in-house programming for their mom employees.



Momasphere events reawaken & celebrate the multiple aspects of mothers as multi-faceted women with interests and skills that go beyond their roles as moms. Momasphere evenings are created to give moms time away from their families to replenish themselves (without their kids). Each event is designed to allow moms, new and old, to meet and learn from each other with evenings that stimulate conversation, creativity and connections. Momashere is dedicated to building strong, healthy families, one mom at a time.