About Momasphere

Momasphere is an up and coming organization that creates innovative events and programs for moms of all ages, while also giving back to the community. All of the proceeds of our events go to various charities that help women, children and families. Momasphere events empower, enrich and enlighten moms, by engaging them in stimulating and fun activities, talks and programs crafted to celebrate our individuality and address the "whole mom" (mind, body, spirit) in each of us.  Mom groups often focus on moms with children of a certain age range, but we found that moms at any stage in life have so much to share. We offer a unique forum for activities that promote personal growth, fun and networking opportunities. Momasphere also offers creative constulting, niche marketing and event planning services to businesses that want added exposure to the dynamic mom market.

Melissa LopataMomasphere co-founders Melissa Lopata and Ellen Bari have joined forces to parlay their twenty plus years of experience creating programs and events in the corporate, museum and entertainment arenas.  Melissa Lopata is a Brooklyn mom and former Marketing VP at a Fortune 500 company specializing in event planning, as well as direct & niche marketing. Melissa has created successful innovative, strategic multi-media acquisition and retention campaigns for high-profile clients, including: AT&T, Bank of America, Citigroup, Zocor, Sears, JCK Jewelry and Spa/Medi-Spa events. READ MORE


Ellen Bari is a Brooklyn-based mom, freelance writer and creative consultant. Ellen has created award-winning multimedia, exhibits and programs for children and adults for clients including Sesame Workshop, PBS, Nickelodeon, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Harper-Collins and American Express. Her undying passion for girls and women who follow their dreams informs her work in developing Momasphere events and programs and in her writing. READ MORE


We are very excited about these new initiatives and are getting new requests daily from local writers asking us to create book launches, restaurants looking for creative ways to attract new clients and other local business looking for exposure. Our plan is to begin locally with targeted grassroots events (incl. meetings with authors, inspirational book events, wine and cheese events, spa events, film screenings, panel discussions, and other outings) and to grow to become a national organization that creates innovative programming for moms, in and out of the workplace. We pride ourselves in out-of-the-box programs matched by out-of–the-box sponsorship relationships.

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