Become a Sponsor

Momasphere events are an outgrowth of the numerous, dynamic, collaborative relationships with other mommy communities that we've developed both on and off-line.  Momasphere founders are often called upon to weigh in on mommy issues of the day.  The enthusiastic response to our multi-leveled initiatives is translating into new requests daily from: authors asking us to create book launches, restaurants looking for creative ways to attract new clients and other local & national businesses looking for targeted exposure to moms.

Today, Momasphere events deliver mommy influencers, within the context of a grassroots community. Our plan is to begin by focusing our efforts locally, with an eye towards growing to become a national organization that creates innovative programming for moms, in and out of the workplace.

We pride ourselves on out-of-the-box programs matched by out-of–the box sponsorship relationships.  We are always looking for sponsors.  Our event sponsors can be defined as: co-hosts, venues, product, liquor or fiscal sponsors.  Our main interest lies in offering great promotional value-adds for the moms that promise to add buzz. 

Momasphere moms are at all stages of motherhood, whether they have not yet started to think about pre-school, or have children who are already beginning to think about college.  Our moms are active, socially conscious, and very interested in maintaining good health and fitness for themselves and their families.  Momasphere moms tend to be urbane, creative and well-educated, split on the subject of working while raising a family.  Many continue to pursue the careers they had before having children, while others have opted to stay-at-home, and still others, a growing number, are branching out into entrepreneurial ventures of their own.  They are active on their school boards and PA associations, and care deeply about their children's education.  One thing many of them share is a desire to carve out slices of time to devote to their own personal growth and fitness, nurturing friendships with other women and finding outlets for non-kid-centric fun! 

If you would like to discuss sponsorship or other promotional opportunities with Momasphere, please send us an email with your phone details and we will respond immediately. We look forward to speaking to you soon.