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Mama Wants a Brand-New Job: Mothers in the Reccession

Photo courtesy of Brain Child Magazine

This is Momasphere's first excerpt from Brain,Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers, one of our favorite literary publications for moms. All attendees at our next event, Thursday May 13, 2010- inaugural book launch and fascinating panel discussion of Sharon Lerner's new book The War on Moms, which deeply probes the issues affecting all working families today- will receive a free copy of the spring edition of the magazine.

The author, Katy Reid, who has worked part time for many years and is now looking for steadier employment, explores the current recession employment landscape, and its impact on moms. From those who have managed to create new businesses after being downsized to others struggling to make ends meet, Katy looks at the options available to a wide spectrum of moms, some of the choices we’re making and how we're coping with the new work world order. 

By Katy Read

In unexpected ways, the Great Recession has been good for Amy Stone. Oh, not the fact that her family has had to slash expenses: downscaling the cable and cell-phone plans, cutting back on restaurant meals, dropping their dental coverage. And certainly not the fact that her husband was laid off and, though he has a new job, is now making $50,000 less than he formerly earned.

But for Stone, the hard times have presented an opportunity to build a business doing work she loves to do: creating handmade baby gifts, ceramic baby hand and feet impressions, murals, jewelry, pottery—basically offering her artistic talents “to anyone who has an idea.”

Stone, a former FedEx executive who took a buyout to be a stay-at-home mother—she now has two daughters: one four years old, the other eighteen months—has an art degree. Click Here To Read Complete Article on Brain Child.

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