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Re-Discovering Our Life Purpose: Momasphere is Back After a Long Hiatus

Many of us go through life knowing, on a very deep, subconscious level, what our true life purpose is. Some resist listening to our inner muse in favor of security. Some of us spend most of our lives too busy to notice what our driving force in life is, or too overwhelmed by everyday responsibilities.  Often we feel that we don't have the luxury to follow our dreams and listen to our inner truth. On rare occasions we are lucky, and our passions are sparked with such intensity at just the right moment, that we are able to ride the tide of inspiration to fulfill a lifetime goal. In all of these cases, re-focusing energy internally is the key. Our internal state and needs are always changing, so focusing on outer purposes that are fixed can be tricky.  And for most of us, the true goal behind what we pursue is often to simply ‘be happy.’ Sometimes it takes an outside force to help us access our innate wisdom and find courage to take action. When we leave our comfort zones we can finally start stumbling towards ongoing fulfillment that is more aligned with our deep and constantly changing inner nature.

Melissa, of Momasphere, has re-discovered her passions by leaving city life behind and living on a farm.
Momasphere is thrilled to announce our first event after a long absence, a workshop aptly named Rediscover Your Life Purpose. It seems like that’s exactly what we’ve both been doing! We all know it’s really important to be able to take a step back sometimes to re-evaluate where we are, though as mothers, we don’t always give ourselves permission to do that. Balancing everything we want to do, with everything we have to do, is rarely simple, and often, even prioritizing is sometimes out of our control. But, finding our true calling is essential, if we want to be the best we can be…whether it’s at home, at work, on a farm, in a studio or on a court. It has been an incredibly productive and busy time for us, as Melissa went from being a Hip Slope Mama to a bonafide country mama, and Ellen became a successfully published children’s book author. We have both been around the ‘country,’ Melissa, Connecticut farm style, and Ellen literally from West to East on book tours.

Melissa completely changed pace, stopping not only to smell the roses, peaches, pears and apples that she picks daily around her farm when in season, but also re-experiencing the wonders of birth with baby cows, and barn yard kittens, and this spring, building a huge, experimental biodome to grow the family’s food year round. Melissa is also working on becoming a certified organic farmer and Non-GMO food advocate and speaker. She has also set up a painting studio in her house and is re-discovering her artist within.

  Ellen, of Momasphere, has followed her dreams to become a successful children's book author.

Meanwhile Ellen’s new picture book, Jumping Jenny, about a little girl who channels her passion for jumping to raise money for a school in Uganda, has captured the interest of psychologists dealing with children with special needs, health educators to encourage physical activity, communities involved  in social action projects, schools raising awareness for inclusion and bullying and kids who just plain love the book. The book was recently picked up by the PJ Library to the tune of 10,000 copies!

As Melissa is making progress on creating Momasphere, CT., and Ellen holds down the fort in Brooklyn, we look forward to offering enriching, engaging, enjoyable programs for moms in Brooklyn and Connecticut, beginning with this wonderful workshop with Career and Life Coach Anne Baker. As we continue to muddle through, we understand that rediscovering our life purpose can serve as a beacon of light in these challenging times. We are all works in progress, rediscovering our purpose as we go, integrating what we have learned in the past, with our aspirations for the future. Perhaps more than ever, we strongly believe that Whole Women Make Whole Moms.

Click here for more information and to sign up for the upcoming workshop, Rediscover Your Life Purpose, on Thursday, March 22, 7:00-9:30pm, at our old friend and great host, Park Slope Eye. In addition to small group work, break-out sessions, and actionable hand-outs, we will have time for networking and reconnecting over wine and snacks. Anne is also offering a complimentary coaching session to continue the momentum of the workshop or to help you take action on any other life or career issues.

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