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Co-Founder of Momasphere,
"Super Mom: Melissa Lopata"  Interviewed by The Huffington Post

I am so excited to have been interviewed by one of my favorite online publications, The Huffington Post. My interview was one of a three part series on "Super Moms". Topics included being a mom-trepeuner,  the mission of Momasphere and it's mantra "Whole Women Make Whole Moms", how I manage to balance Momasphere and family, being a multicultural family and advice on how to connect with other moms.  Here are some excerpts from the interview (you can read the complete interview on The Huffington Post HERE):


What inspired you to start Momasphere?
I had left corporate America and a very high-pressured position as a VP of marketing. I had made a decision, before I went on maternity leave, to just leave corporate America for at least a little while and stay home with Baby Sphere. It was definitely an economic sacrifice for my family, to lose one very good household income. [Laughs] But we made the decision together.

I think in the back of my mind I always had the DNA of an entrepreneur simmering in me. So I also decided to use that time away to do a bit of soul-searching and figure out what my calling was. I think in the course of that time period when I was with Baby Sphere and doing all this know, motherhood just becomes so all-encompassing in your life!

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 "Motherhood Is The New MBA" Interview with Author Shari Storm


Shari Storm’s new book, Motherhood is the New MBA: Using Your Parenting Skills to Be a Better Boss, offers wise, funny, practical advice on how to take basic mothering skills and translate them into successful management in the office. Shari is currently the VP, Chief Marketing Officer at Verity Credit Union, a $400 million financial institution. She has an MBA from Seattle University, teaches at the University of Washington’s Experimental College and mentors graduate students at Seattle University. In addition to work on her own blog,, Shari contributes online to Working Mother Magazine, MomLogic and her company’s blog. Shari lives with her husband and three young daughters near Seattle, Washington. Momasphere took the opportunity to ask Shari a few questions about her new book and how she manages to do it all.

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Body Image & Motherhood: Interview w/Claire Mysko, Co-author of "Does This Pregnancy Makes Me Look Fat?"


Momasphere had the chance to talk to Claire Mysko, a feminist and writer who co-authored the newly released book called Does This Pregnancy Make Mee Look Fat? The Essential Guide to Loving Your Body Before and After Baby with Magali Amadei. In it they surveyed more than 400 women, including those who are considering starting a family, moms-to-be, and mothers. They offer a much-needed forewarning on what to expect from your changing body, exposing the myths, challenges, and insecurities you’ll face throughout. Claire writes books, blogs, leads workshops, and consults with companies and organizations that want to reach girls and women with empowering messages. She has served as the director of the American Anorexia Bulimia Association, the Executive Editor of SmartGirl, and the Assistant Director of Communications for Girls Inc. She is also the co-founder of Inside Beauty, an outreach program dedicated to promoting healthy body image. The following is Momasphere's exclusive interview with author Claire Mysko:

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Living Life Creatively: Hello Brooklyn

Ellen Bari

I can still remember sitting at the window of my 23rd floor Upper West Side apartment, looking out somewhat hopelessly at the midday sky. The urban roofscape filled with water towers of every shape and size looked like an African village gone heavy metal. As the mother of a 14 month old, trying to make sense of my new existence, I remember corresponding with a cousin of mine, who had by default become my email lifeline. When I bemoaned my lack of creativity she said: the most important thing is to live your life creatively. I don’t think I quite realized it at the time, but with that statement she had planted seeds that would take root and bear fruit forever after. Thanks Rita!

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Altruistic Shouldism VS Authentic Goal Setting


By Rahti Gorfien

So I was recently talking to another creative-eclectic-professional-mom; a client actually. When I asked what her ideal day would look like she said rather ruefully: ‘A day at the spa!’ To which she quickly added: “But I know I SHOULD…..” Well now. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that answer, and in truth, therein lays a tale, a little hint, as it were, as to what this lady (and many of us) truly need. Our Altruistic Shoulds as I’ve dubbed them, are often at odds with another hidden agenda. Ever try going in two directions at once? It’s a great way to stand still. So what’s the solution? Is her right-purpose to sauna herself to oblivion because that’s what feels good? No, but she should look at her desire, and not judge and dismiss it as selfish. There is great power in self-care. I’m not just talking pedicures: Paradoxically, boundaries help me get closer to people and taking the time to ‘pleasure myself’ in every sense of the word makes me more enthusiastic about being of service and support to friends, family and colleagues. What does she want from the spa? My guess is strength, health, serenity, energy. All the stuff that empowers us to be the happy, productive and fulfilled individuals we aspire to being.


In my playwrighting persona I wrote a one act a couple of years ago, in which I quoted the airline emergency speech line ‘put your oxygen mask on first’… The logic of that is obvious, right? You cannot create and manifest a life vision based purely on intellectual, altruistic shoulds. You’ve got to weigh in what your gut has to say, and make sure you’re tending to your needs appropriately. Selling a painting won’t make you feel good about yourself for very long. Do you still enjoy painting? Or are you setting yourself up by putting the pressure of financial solvency completely on your art? That’s joy-kill right there.


Do you have a happy home life and loyal friends, or are you relying on professional validation to feel appreciated? It isn’t always all or nothing like that, but we can all afford to examine the underlying motivation for our goals from time to time, to make sure our desires are integrated and needs are being appropriately met. Otherwise, ambivalence is bound to be a constant, and enthusiasm will easily wane. Our vocational work, and creative endeavors are a form of self-care, to be sure. But life is, after all, a balancing act. Hey, I don’t need to tell you that!


Rahti Gorfien, of Creative Calling Coaching, is a Life Coach and Park Slope mom, specializing in creative mothers with universal and yet unique challenges to succeed both personally as mothers and professionally as artists. She is also a regular contributor to Hip Slope Mama. Join her Yahoo Group for additional tips and essays.

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