Momasphere co-founders Melissa Lopata and Ellen Bari have joined forces to parlay their twenty plus years of experience creating programs and events in the corporate, museum and entertainment arenas. 

Melissa Lopata


Melissa Lopata, co-founder of Momasphere is a Brooklyn mom and former Marketing VP at a Fortune 500 company specializing in event planning, as well as direct & niche marketing. Melissa has created successful innovative, strategic multi-media acquisition and retention campaigns for high-profile clients, including: AT&T, Bank of America, Citigroup, Zocor, Sears, JCK Jewelry and Spa/Medi-Spa events. Melissa also spent many years at top-drawer NYC ad agencies, including Ogilvy & Mather, Young & Rubicam (The Bravo Group) and Draft Worldwide, where she learned the importance of building personal relationships with a market and developed strategies for creating those kinds of relationships. As a new mom, Melissa developed a strong interest in social media seeing it as a way to communicate with other new moms who have limited time. Melissa created a vibrant online community for local Park Slope moms called Hip Slope Mama. She was a panelist at the popular 2009 Annual Brooklyn Blogfest and has appeared on TV to talk about how parents can use online communities effectively. She has recently been interviewed by The Huffington Post as part of three-part series called "Super Moms".

Ellen Bari

Ellen Bari, co-founder of Momasphere, is a Brooklyn-based mom, freelance writer and creative consultant. Ellen has created award-winning multimedia, exhibits and programs for children and adults for clients including Sesame Workshop, PBS, Nickelodeon, US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Harper-Collins and American Express. Her undying passion for girls and women who follow their dreams informs her work in developing Momasphere events and programs and in her writing. Ellen has published numerous leveled readers, non-fiction books and other creative curriculum materials for a host of educational publishers including Scott Foresman, Houghton Mifflin, Behrman House Inc.
Ms. Bari’s soon to be published children’s book Jumping Jenny (Lerner Publishing) is about a passionate little girl whose buoyant bounce, truly knows no bounds. Recently Ms. Bari has published a number of feature articles for  Amit Women's Magazine, contributed to, and featured her necklaces in Gallery.  Ellen's ‘creative compass’ navigates her life as a mom, event planner, globe trekker, writer, educator, and designer of one-of-a-kind ceramics and jewelry. She is the proud parent of a 14 year old daughter, who is by far her best editor, stylist and social media expert. Ms Bari considers motherhood the joyride of a lifetime.