April 18th, 2010 - Join us for a Live Video Event with Cathy Greenberg, PhD, Happiness Expert and author of What Happy Working Mothers Know!


You can click on the "Join Event" button on the image above or click on the following link and it will bring you directly to our program on Sunday, 4/18 at noon (EST): What Happy Working Mothers Know Video Event



  1. We strongly recommend that you register with Vokle before the event in order to get the full benefit of participation. This is a simple less than 5 minute procedure, so you may want to log on a few minutes before the call so you can easily join the call at noon.

  2. You also have the option to log on the day of the event with your Twitter Username and Password instead of registering to Vokle. If you don't log on with Twitter or register with Vokle right before the event, you will only be able to be a spectator and not a participant.

  3. You will enjoy the experience more with headphones. The simple earpieces that you use on your IPOD are perfect.

  4. So as not to tax the system, we will not be taking video questions on Sunday. We will limit our interaction with Cathy this time to text questions only, which we will share with the group as Cathy fields your questions.

We’re very excited to be working with Cathy and to be pioneering a new technology that allows for an interactive dialogue. As such, the internet connection with Cathy in Arizona might not be as smooth as if we were broadcasting locally, so we ask that you bear that in mind. Cathy, an international consultant and coach, has an incredible amount to share about building a foundation for happiness in our lives, and the immediacy of having Cathy answer our questions is quite thrilling.

Thanks again for joining us on this inaugural video event. We believe you will find Cathy engaging, enlightening and empowering!



Join Momasphere (in collaboration with Park Slope Parents Career Networking) for an interactive video event, with Cathy Greenberg, PhD as she shares insights from her book What Happy Working Mothers Know based on years of research and  the successful books coauthored by Cathy: What Happy Companies Know and What Happy Women Know. The video event will offer an open forum, giving participants a chance to interact with Cathy who will lay the groundwork for an understanding of the science of happiness, followed by interactive exercises that will help participants understand how they can build a foundation for happiness using her HAPPY model: Healthy, Adaptive, Prod of family, Proud of work, Young at heart.


Date:  Sunday, April 18, 2010
Time: Noon (EST) Price: Free 
Registration: Mark Your Calendars! and CLICK HERE TO REGISTER


 The hour long session will:

- Include interactive activities that illustrate important lessons from the book
- Help participants tap into their own sense of joy every day for their own happiness and the happiness of those around them
- Help participants identify 6 traps to happiness
- A long question & answer session

The demands of juggling work and home lead many women to try to do everything and be everything to everyone.  In the effort to be Superwoman, many women lose sight of what makes them happy and they fail to realize how important their happiness is to being a good worker and a good mother. The key to being your best at everything you do is to take care of your happiness the way you take care of your health, through conscious choices every day. Through the talk you’ll learn to overcome obstacles, apply lessons learned at work to your motherhood skills, and learn lessons from your children that you can apply at work.

Many moms raise great kids and achieve the professional success they desire and deserve, but if they aren’t happy, what’s the point? Dr. Greenberg will not teach participants how to have it all, but rather how to have all the things that really matter.

Cathy Greenberg, PhD, is an internationally recognized authority on leadership applying the new science of happiness. An acclaimed speaker and radio show host, she founded h2c - Happy Companies Healthy People in 2004 - the first organization to specialize in coaching leaders on the art and science of building happy, high-performance companies.

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